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Top 10 tips for effective spring cleaning


Jan 7, 2023

When winter ends and the temperature rises, we suddenly want to give our interior a new air. We then embark on the big cleaning ! But where to start, and how not to forget anything?

Here are 10 golden tips for a successful spring cleaning!

1. Make a to-do list

If you tend to see housework as an insurmountable task, prepare a list. The satisfaction of crossing off completed tasks will keep you motivated!

2. Put your phone away for a few hours

Our electronic devices are one of the biggest distractions when it comes to tackling a project. Focus on your to-do list and treat yourself to 15 minutes of internet as a reward for every 2 hours of good work.

3. Kep your pets

If you plan to dedicate an entire weekend to spring cleaning, ask a loved one to babysit your cat or dog. This will allow you to be more efficient and prevent your pet from suffering from stress related to the noise of cleaning machines.

4. Get everyone involved

Tackling big jobs like scrubbing the floors and cleaning the balcony can be daunting. By assigning tasks to all family members , you will be more motivated and the housework will be done faster.

5. Share the costs with your neighbors

To save on big chores, like washing carpets or windows, get organized with neighbors and negotiate a group rate with the specialists you’re considering hiring.

6. Use the right products

Save homemade cleaning products for light cleaning. To do your spring cleaning, turn instead to ecological products . They are often more efficient, while being good for the planet.

7. Do the tasks in the correct order

If you plan to do a major cleaning of your floors, start by dusting furniture, decorations and the tops of books. This will save you from twirling the dust twice. Choose a feather duster and take action!

8. Sort linens

Get rid of dull towels, stained pillowcases and faded dish towels, and take advantage of spring sales to replace them. There’s nothing like a night’s sleep in new sheets to welcome the beautiful season!

9. Sort out your food

Spend an afternoon focusing on all the areas where you store food: the pantry , the refrigerator , the freezer, the area around the coffee maker, the spice cabinet, etc. Be ruthless and throw away anything that’s expired, but also anything that has lost its color, smell and freshness. Your meals deserve better than this!

To give a more spring style to your interior , think of small changes that make a big difference. Change the curtains, add cushions or buy beautiful vases in which you slip fresh seasonal flowers, such as tulips or daffodils.

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