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10 tips for successful spring cleaning


Jan 7, 2023
spring cleaning

When the sun lights up the sky again and the buds open, it’s time to sort and clean out your cupboards. Put away the winter sweaters and take out the spring dresses, open the windows to ventilate the rooms, clean the cupboards from top to bottom… Gestures that allow you to have a cool interior to welcome the new season. But spring cleaning can sometimes be demotivating if you go about it haphazardly. To do it correctly, there is no secret: you have to be methodical!

Put away before

To properly dust and soap your house or apartment, the space must be clear. Prepare the ground by tidying up a few days before your big cleaning.

Sort, throw away, sell, donate

While tidying up, don’t hesitate to declutter: throw this, give that away. Sort your papers, but also winter clothes (yours and those of the children who, growing up, will probably not be able to put them back on next winter), spices, preserves, provisions…

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Prepare an action plan

Take advantage of your decluttering phase to observe and write down everything that needs to be done. You can possibly list the different tasks piece by piece and then distribute them over several days. Monday the living room, Tuesday the bedroom, Wednesday the kitchen cupboards, etc.

Mobilize the troops

If you live together, talk about your big spring cleaning project. A clean house is the concern of all those who live there! Children can take care of their bedroom and bathroom, for example.

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Put yourself in good conditions

Do not plan anything else in your agenda, be rested, satiated, put on a comfortable outfit, put on your favorite playlist and enjoy this head-to-head with your home.

Gather the materials

No need to multiply the products, rather constitute a small reserve of natural and versatile products. The essentials: black soap , white vinegar , baking soda , soda crystals , white Meudon , citric acid and household alcohol . For the equipment, keep it simple: a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, a push broom, rags and household gloves for the base.

Do things in order

For effective cleaning, follow this principle: dust, then clean and finally polish. It is valid for almost everything, from closets to windows, to the floor. Moreover, the latter always cleans itself at the end.

Don’t forget the corners

It’s now or never to dust light bulbs, lampshades, baseboards, radiators, the back of the fridge or washing machine, clean the bottom of kitchen cabinets, etc. All those places that we tend to forget the rest of the year…

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