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All About Bed Bug Infestations – Complete Guide 2022


Jan 7, 2023
Bed Bug

Have you been bitten by an insect when you sleep or when you remain motionless for several hours, quietly installed on your sofa, in a waiting room, in public transport or quite simply in your room…? Have you ever found  small blood stains  in your sheets or noticed tiny black stains  on your bedding, especially on the mattress? (only in the case of a fairly old infestation), this is one of the unmistakable symptoms, you are undoubtedly the new victim of a bedbug infestation  !

bed bug treatment

Be aware that all types of housing can be affected: house, building, plane, and even health structures such as hospitals or retirement homes. Unlike some other insects attracted by traces of food or dirt, bed bugs have only one goal: to feed on blood where they are.

Even if the hygiene of your interior is irreproachable , the bed bug can be there and you can therefore be the victim of a possible infestation.

Also, be aware that there are a large number of bed bug infestations where you won’t find any signs or clues visible to the naked eye . The one and only way to be sure of being infested by bedbugs and not another insect is  to be bitten  ONLY  after being immobile for more than two hours (bed, armchair, sofa, airplane seat, train seat, cinema, hospital, etc.). All the other insects would bite you indifferently day, night or as soon as you set foot in your home. The buttons are also grouped in the same area and form a cluster.

In addition, bed bugs do not bite all the occupants present in a dwelling and are the only insects to choose a quality of skin and blood of the people present . All other insects indiscriminately bite all the inhabitants of the infested place. In general, in 80% of cases, they seek the finest skin, so start with children, women and finally men.

On the other hand, it is imperative to consider a treatment against bedbugs on  the whole of the dwelling  or the infested place because being transported on the textiles,  the  bugs migrate according to your movements.  For example, in 90% of cases, when a couple sleeps in the same bed, only one of the two is bitten by bedbugs. It certainly does not mean that there are only right or left of the bed, but simply that they have identified a blood that suits them better.

What do bed bugs look like?

The bed bug  (Cimex Lectularius)  is a hematophagous insect  (feeds on blood) , crawling  (does not fly) , visible to the naked eye, brown in color, with an oval and flattened body, which adult, measures 4 5 millimeters long.

This bloodsucking insect does not come out of a horror movie. The oldest trace of bed bugs was found by archaeologists near the tomb of Pharaoh Akhenaten, at the site of Tell El-Amarna. It dates from 1350 BC.

The bed bug, which before the appearance of man sucked the blood of bats, quickly began to feed on human blood thanks to the first men who sheltered in caves to spend the night . She therefore clung to them and scattered throughout the world, spreading as they moved.

It was only in 1939 that the first chemical insecticide against bed bugs was developed. This harmful substance almost wiped out bed bugs from our mattresses. But they eventually evolved and developed a resistance to this chemical. So much so that, in recent years, their proliferation has been exponential and many people around the world are victims of bedbug infestations. Since their presence is considered highly unpleasant, scientists have worked to develop products that are harmful enough to kill bed bugs.

Thus, since 1939, many other insecticides, more or less effective, have been developed

Note that those used by professionals are not sold in supermarkets or in your usual drugstore. They are very dangerous but terribly effective. This is why professionals are empowered to manipulate them for a powerful and harmless result for you.

Indeed, if you have a bedbug in your home, then it is not alone in the presence, tell yourself that you are the victim of an infestation.

What does a bedbug bite look like?

Bedbugs feed on blood, primarily at night . Bed  bug bites  are often painless and leave red marks on the skin like those of a mosquito  (usually several bites grouped together in the same place on the skin, often the arms, legs and back) . Some have a red dot in the center and some don’t.

Often, the bites cause itching, and very often there is an epidermal reaction  (in 70% of individuals bitten all the same)  but sometimes also, some people do not even know that they have been bitten because their skin does not react , or only very little. An infestation of bed bugs is therefore difficult to identify dani where we are and goes directly to the area concerned to eat, then returns to its refuge to digest. Indeed, once her meal is finished, she does not stay there.

Lesions caused by bedbug bites usually disappear within 2 weeks.

Many healthcare professionals confuse bedbug bites with scabies. It is therefore necessary to be very vigilant before starting a treatment in order to be certain that it is appropriate and above all effective in this case.

If there is an allergic reaction, it is actually caused by the anesthetic and anticoagulant saliva that the bedbug injects before sucking blood from its host.

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