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Signs That You Need to Top-Up Your Aircon Gas


Jul 17, 2023
Top-Up Your Aircon Gas

For activities to run efficiently in a mild and humid country like Singapore, most homes and offices require air conditioning. Therefore, regular gas top-offs are required to ensure that your air conditioner has sufficient gas.

The frequency of aircon gas top-ups in Singapore will depend on many factors, which are detailed below.

When your air conditioner fails to produce chilly air.

You may believe your air conditioner is functioning effectively, but it may not produce frigid air due to a lack of gas. With this kind of complication, air conditioner owners frequently require the services of a professional to check the refrigerant gas and advise whether an air conditioner gas refill is required to restore frigid air and a comfortable environment.

When the air conditioner is leaking water.

Whenever you observe water leaking from the air conditioner, it could indicate a gas leak. In the event of a gas shortage, vaporisation will be inadequate, and the incomplete vaporisation will result in leaking water. Of course, there could be other causes for the water escape, but a lack of gas could also be a factor. Therefore, when you observe the air conditioner leaking water, you should check the gas levels and refill as necessary.

After an inspection of your air conditioner.

It is essential to have an aircon servicing professional inspect your unit every few months to maintain a comfortable and conducive environment. If your air conditioner’s gas levels have decreased by ten per cent, you must add more gas as soon as feasible. A ten per cent decrease in petrol levels can result in a twenty per cent increase in electricity consumption.

After the air conditioner has been repaired.

Any problems or complications with an air conditioner can result in a decrease in gas levels, necessitating the inspection of the situation by a trained air conditioning technician. An experienced mechanic can reduce the amount of gas lost, but a gas refill will be required after air conditioning repair to ensure optimal performance.

When the air conditioner’s efficiency is consistently subpar.

If you cannot determine the cause of your air conditioner’s poor performance, a lack of gas may be to blame. Before resorting to a gas top-up, you can attempt simple air conditioning solutions such as adjusting the temperature. Otherwise, an air conditioning gas refill is required for optimal performance.

When the air conditioner is running continuously.

If you notice that the air conditioner is perpetually operating, it is time to add gas. If there is no gas or refrigerant in the air conditioner, it will not attain the temperature at which it shuts off and will run continuously without a break. This indicates it is time to refill the air conditioner’s gas tank.

When there are frost deposits on coils.

Ice accumulation on the coils indicates that the gas levels are low and must be replenished. When there is no refrigerant in the air conditioner, the coils freeze the adjacent water vapour, causing many complications. Then, you should consider refuelling your air conditioner in order to avoid further complications.

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