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Choosing the right kitchen furniture


Jan 7, 2023
kitchen furniture

When planning your new kitchen, choosing the right kitchen furniture is a step that requires special attention. Your kitchen must be at the same time pleasant, aesthetic, functional, easy to maintain… and the choice of furniture has something to do with it. As you will have noticed, the possibilities are numerous. There are various shapes, sizes, materials… So how to find your way around? Here are the different criteria you need to know to choose the furniture that best suits your needs.

Start by establishing your selection criteria

Before starting your research and setting your sights on the first pieces of furniture that seduce you, you should reflect on your needs and desires, as well as other criteria such as:

The dimensions and shape of your kitchen: the goal is to know how many elements you need. In addition, depending on the location of your kitchen, some furniture will be more suitable than others.

The style of decoration in the rest of your home: this will help you determine the appropriate materials, styles and colors so that your future kitchen matches your tastes and does not completely break with the rest of your home.

Uses and Features

  1. The different types of corner furniture
  2. Which material to choose for your kitchen furniture?
  3. Which furniture to choose according to the style of your kitchen?
  4. Choose low kitchen cabinets

Base units are generally made up of various storage spaces (cupboards, drawers) for utensils or foodstuffs, but they can also accommodate household appliances, such as an oven or refrigerator. The worktop, hob and sink are on it. For you to be able to cook comfortably when you are standing, the height of a low cabinet should be at least 85cm.

Different types of base cabinets

The different types of base cabinets are sink cabinets, corner cabinets and storage cabinets. These are available in different sizes, because they adapt to the layout of your kitchen and your needs in terms of storage. The most common low cabinets measure 60cm wide by 60cm deep. But there are also wider and very practical storage units, such as pot holders, measuring 90cm or even 120cm wide. And there are also finer pieces of furniture, such as spice racks or bottle racks, whose width is between 15 and 45cm.

Criteria for choosing a kitchen base cabinet

To choose the base cabinets that will be best suited to your future kitchen and the use you will make of it, here are some criteria to take into account:

Optimization of storage: the storage offered must be functional and meet your needs.

Its maintenance method: since you will be using it frequently, your base cabinet must be easy to clean.

Its specific and nevertheless essential characteristics: we can cite as an example, the anti-humidity bottom for a low cabinet under the sink.

Choose high kitchen cabinets

Unsurprisingly, wall units make up the upper part of the kitchen. For reasons of practicality, they must be shallower than the base cabinets, so as not to interfere with access to the worktop. There is an average depth of 37cm for tall units, compared to 60cm for lower units. Wall units can accommodate storage of all kinds for utensils, crockery, food, or household appliances such as the microwave, for example. It is advisable to fix light fixtures under the wall units for optimal lighting of the worktop.

The different types of wall units

Wall units offer a wide choice of opening and closing modes. Thus, you can choose to turn to an open piece of furniture, or with:

Safety and reliability: a high hanging cabinet will accommodate utensils, crockery, foodstuffs, etc. It is therefore preferable to choose quality furniture, specially designed for this purpose, and to equip yourself with brackets and screws adapted to the quality of your wall.

Its size and weight: they must correspond to the dimensions of your kitchen as well as to the use you will make of it.

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