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7 things to consider before moving to the country side


Jan 7, 2023
before moving

In recent years, the French have increasingly appreciated the country side, suggesting a possible urban exodus . This phenomenon has been further accentuated since our country was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many want to have a new way of life, closer to nature, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Living in the country side offers more moving to the country side space, more freedom and less nuisance . Many people imagine rural life as an idyllic, unspoiled haven. The benefits of this life can thus be worth many sacrifices . Nevertheless, several points should be taken into account before starting because sometimes the bucolic dream can turn into a nightmare.Homki gives you his advice for a possible move to the countryside.

The financial aspect

Income is one of the main considerations when looking to move. Homes and real estate outside cities are often much more affordable You can more easily find a more satisfactory property in terms of surface area and exterior according to your budget. However, the maintenance costs of a larger house are likely to be higher. Can your income support these additional costs? Living in the countryside implies the almost obligatory purchase of a car . In this wake, it is necessary to consider the price of gasoline, vehicle maintenance, tolls, as well as all the costs related to this rural remoteness.

Professional life

If you move to the country side, would you be able to keep your current job ? Because leaving the city means moving away from most offices and job opportunities. You must take into account the duration of your journeys , possible traffic jams. Do you have to report to work late at night or early in the morning? In the countryside, it is common to be impacted by weather disturbances . If it has snowed, sometimes roads are not plowed for several days. Will you be on call and sometimes have to report to work quickly? If so, you may need to explore other job opportunities.such as working from home or telecommuting.

The technical aspect

An isolated house can cause technical problems. The reliability of the electricity must be considered because frequent breakdowns, in the event of a storm or felled trees, for example, can be disabling. Is the telephone network adequate and is there high-speed Internet access ? It can be frustrating to see the TV signal go out every time there is a storm. And if you plan to work from home, access to these services is crucial. In addition, about 20% of the French population, especially in homes, has a septic tank or a sanitation system and is not connected to municipal sewage services. These systems can be expensiverepair, maintain and replace. Regarding the maintenance of the house, how is the collection of waste and recycling of this place carried out? If you favor selective sorting , it is important to find out about the existence of sorting centers near the place where you want to live, and whether recycling centers are available in the region.

Nearby services

When you live in the country side, you have to be aware that it is not possible to have access to the same services as in the city center . Often, buying a simple baguette requires you to travel sometimes several kilometers. It is a question of habit and it is relative to the lives of each one. To go shopping , in the countryside, you always have to anticipate. Because the supermarkets are further away and often close earlier. If you have children and the schools are far from home, you must provide solutions such as the presence of a bus, or the possibility of being able to take them without this encroaching on your professional schedule. In correlation, proximity to hospitals or emergency servicesmay prove essential. If your child fell ill in the middle of the night, how long would it take you to reach the nearest medical services? The availability and potential response time of police, fire and ambulance are also factors to consider.

Another way of life

Living in the city means having the opportunity to go out, go to the cinema or the theatre, have lunch in a restaurant, visit a museum and go shopping. Because in town everything is closer, accessible and faster. In the countryside, you have to be aware that not everything can be done in one day , and on foot. The centers of interest are not necessarily the same or it involves taking your car or public transport. However, you will no longer have to look for a parking space to park! You can also more easily enjoy the surrounding nature . Breathe better , go hiking , take care of your garden , even own your own vegetable garden! It is a state of mind, a different way of having fun .


The isolation of country life is certainly something to consider. You will no longer have to live daily with the inconvenience of common areas, elevators, noise and pollution. You will necessarily have more independence, and therefore more privacy . Are you someone who longs for peace and quiet? Or do you need vibrant nightlife and close loved ones to feel happy? Ask yourself the right questions before taking the plunge. Because it is commonly accepted that “boredom”and isolation in the countryside can promote depression. However, according to a university study conducted by researchers at Stanford

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